• Social Media Audit

A Social Media Audit is essentially a health checkup on your Social Media channels. It’s a fresh pair of eyes looking over your social media as a whole. It will incorporate brand awareness, consistency and impressions whilst assessing what’s working well and areas open to development. This will ensure your platforms are optimised to give you the best results possible. The Audit Price starts from £100 per platform.

To request an Audit, please email me at hello@robertamorris.co.uk

  • Social Media Strategy

Working together we will create a clear Social Media Strategy that is aligned with your business and values.

We will look at your business and social media goals across all your platforms, incorporating your ideal audience/client, content strategy, brand awareness and measuring success.

This will give us a clear and detailed plan, which I will go through in detail with you on a 1-2-1 video call.

Strategy Prices start fron £700 per platform

To discuss working with me on your Social Media Strategy, please book in for a free 15-minute  Discovery Call

  • Social Media Management

This is a bespoke service, tailored to you and your business. Having tailored management means no more being overwhelmed by Social Media and getting more time for yourself and your business.

This can include on-brand content creation, hashtag research, posting and content scheduling, audience engagement, monthly reporting and analytics. (Instagram & Facebook Only)

Prices start from £650 per platform per month. To discuss working with me on your Social Media Management, please book in for a free 15-minute  Discovery Call

  • Power Hour

This will be a 1-2-1 dedicated chat via video call on whatever topic you need support with.

At the time of booking, I will send you a questionnaire to make sure your hour with me answers your questions and we stay on track discussing areas that you need advice on and support with.

You may need help on how to use a particular function on Instagram, have questions about branding awareness, or want to brainstorm some content ideas so you can work on a strategy.

A Power Hour is £129. To book a Power Hour, please email me at hello@robertamorris.co.uk