“Roberta has been a great help for THM’s whether it’s doing some research, pulling together a round up of activities or handling Facebook posts”


“I highly recommend Roberta, she offers a professional and quality service with a bonus of being approachable and friendly!


“Roberta provided me with a highly detailed audit for my business social media platforms. Roberta made great suggestions on how best to optimise my pages to attract my clients and make the best use out of my platforms.

The audit was carried out with efficiency and speed. I would highly recommend Roberta for help with Social Media and business support. A pleasure to work with! Thank you!”


“Roberta helped me a lot, she helped me to find a structure that works for me and realise all the details about the importance of social media for my business. Roberta helped me with my social media branding and carried out an audit and gave me a social media strategy that was very detailed it included details of things I hadn’t thought of. She helped me work on content ideas, and how to plan ahead with content and organise this. Roberta gave alot of advice, help and assistance. Roberta gave me a professional structure. I highly recommend working with Roberta, she is very professional, very organised and responsive”